Underwater Connectorless Power & Comms

The ORPHION system is designed for use in underwater and marine applications and eliminates the need for fragile underwater connectors that are prone to failure often causing catastrophic outcomes including flooding of expensive and essential equipment.

The Orphion power and communications system comprises of two parts.  The first part is the power transmitter circuitry and the CPRFle close proximity communications transceiver.  The second part resides in the instrument or device. Typically, a new instrument pressure casing is provided with the Orphion system. This new casing is essentially identical to the existing casing but without any through casing connectors or entry points. The power receiver circuitry and the CPRFle close proximity communications transceiver is fitted within the new casing.

XBcomm Linker
Matched Pair of Serial Transceivers 

A matched pair of 802.15 Transceivers.

Connect your instrument to your computer or modem transparently via these tiny transceivers wirelessly and without manual pairing.  They just work.

Although there are a number of wireless serial adaptors available, they are mostly limited to manual connection or complex configuration to enable them to connect transparently. Typically, if power is lost, the devices need to be manually paired again. In a remote sitation, this is not acceptable.

Perfect for short distance communications with instruments or simply testing devices to your computer without wires.

Power with either with 12Vdc plug pack or 9V internal battery, either of which are available as options..

Marine Data Logger

PRODUCT IN DEVELOPMENT - Tertiary Design Phase.

StormDAQ is being designed for marine data logger applications, specifically for environmental and oceanographic monitoring where multitudes of sensors are required to be reporting real time data to aid operations.

StormDAQ performs the role of interfacing these sensors (commonly many are serial sensors), handling and storing the data locally and then reformatting the entire data set so it can be accessed in an efficient manner via various communications systems including 3G, radio modems and WLAN.

OCEAN SABRE Water Level Tide & Wave Sensor

PRODUCT IN DEVELOPMENT - Very Close to Beta Release.

The OCEAN SABRE is a combination LiDAR and Ultrasonic distance sensor designed specifically for use in marine environment for the accurate measurement of distance to water for Tides and Waves.

An all in one package with integrated 3G communications and solar power supply - NO WIRING REQUIRED, just secure to your structure and away it goes.


Asset Monitor

SpyIT Asset Monitor is designed for remote monitoring of an asset or area.
Either interval or sensor triggered, video or images are taken and stored onboard.

GPRS communications feature enables triggered images to be sent to your email address or mobile telephone (SIM required).

Particularly useful in identifying unknown  pests, vandals or trespassers on your asset.

System features include:
- Video capture with sound.
- 42 invisible LEDs.
- 12 Megapixel still images.
- Solar power supply.
- Ultra compact.
- Built-in 2.4" LCD.
- Date, time and temperature stamp on photos.
- Time-lapse mode.
- Multi-shot mode.
- Continuous mode.
- Adjustable distance detection sensor (2 to   20m).
- 32Gbyte SD/SDHC card.